HamFiles Rules

WARNING - Only one account per member is permitted

Only the first account you register can be validated by you!

The system now checks your digital footprint against it's records and forces
Administrative validation for all duplicate footprints.

You will not be able to use this method to gain extra points.
If you persistently attempt to register new user accounts
ALL accounts will be  blocked without notice.
Do not:
  • Use a disposable email address, you will never receive a confirmation message.
  • Use a fake email address, you will never receive a confirmation message.
  • Create multiple accounts. If you do your IP address and user accounts will be banned.
  • Post multiple 'Useless' comments/posts to gain points.
  • Post downloads in the Forum or comment sections, they will be deleted without notice.
  • Post off-site links in the Forum.
  • DO NOT publish Engineering Key/Serials in the public forum.
  • Spam this website, or members that use it. This site automatically lists spammer on RBL's and databases like stopforumspam.
  • Hack this website.
  • Commit or incite crimes on this website.
  • Intentionally disrupt the enjoyment of this website for a majority of other members.
The staff may:
  • Ban a member for any reason, without warning or explanation.
  • Punish members by revoking posting rights for a given period.
  • Punish members by revoking download rights for a given period.
  • View any content that is stored-on, or transferred-through, this website.

The staff are not responsible for any content posted on this website by members, accept no liability, and provide no warranty.


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