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Users of AT&T mail read this

Users of AT&T mail read this

(This issue was resolved by AT&T some time ago but this post remains here for reference.)

I am currently receiving non-delivery reports for AT&T customers as follows:
Error Type: SMTP
Remote server ( issued an error.
hamfilesMailServer sent: MAIL FROM:<>
Remote server replied: 553 5.3.0 alph136 DNSBL:ATTRBL 521< >_is_blocked.
There is nothing I can do at this end but you can resolve the issue yourself:-

How do I unblock email messages? (Extract from AT&T Postmaster FAQ's)

It is never the intention of the AT&T Postmaster staff to block legitimate mail. Unfortunately, legitimate messages are sometimes blocked as a result of our antispam and antivirus measures. We would like to fix these problems as soon as possible, but we need your help. Please email our block list group for more information or to find out how to unblock emails.

Your email domain is one of a family of names that are managed under one roof. ie.,,,,,,,, &

If you are in any doubt about my assertion that our mail server is SPAM FREE, please visit the link below which will demonstrate that the Hamfiles mail server has a completely clean bill of health on 227 block-lists.

The complete IP check for sending Mailservers

Note: Should any check fail, please scroll down the page until you see a red-highlighted line. Below that it will report that "
DNS request failed: The name server was unable to process this query due to a problem with the name server." which means it was not checked and NOT that there is a problem with the Hamfiles mail server.

If you could take the time to complete the AT&T reporting process I would be most grateful (even if you do provide an alternative email address to log in to Hamfiles) as it will assist 1000's of  AT&T customers that are Hamfiles members.

Once again I'd like to remind all members that you can unsubscribe (opt-out) of all general emails from Hamfiles via "My Profile> Edit> Notifications" at any time.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but this problem is not of our making.
Kind Regards

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