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Users of AT&T mail read this

Users of AT&T mail read this

I am currently receiving non-delivery reports for AT&T customers as follows:
Error Type: SMTP
Remote server ( issued an error.
hamfilesMailServer sent: MAIL FROM:<>
Remote server replied: 553 5.3.0 alph136 DNSBL:ATTRBL 521< >_is_blocked.
There is nothing I can do at this end but you can resolve the issue yourself by completing the request at this AT&T page:

This page is intended for customers of any of the AT&T consumer Internet services
The page will explain that your email domain is one of a family of names that are managed under one roof. ie.,,,,,,,, &
If you are in any doubt about my assertion that our mail server is SPAM FREE, please visit the link below which will demonstrate that the Hamfiles mail server has a completely clean bill of health on 227 block-lists.

The complete IP check for sending Mailservers

Note: Should any check fail, please scroll down the page until you see a red-highlighted line. Below that it will report that "
DNS request failed: The name server was unable to process this query due to a problem with the name server." which means it was not checked and NOT that there is a problem with the Hamfiles mail server.

If you could take the time to complete the AT&T page I would be most grateful (even if you do provide an alternative email address to log in to Hamfiles) as it will assist the other 276+ AT&T customers & Hamfiles members who are also having their mail blocked.

Once again I'd like to remind all members that you can unsubscribe (opt-out) of all general emails from Hamfiles via "My Profile> Edit> Notifications" at any time.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but this problem is not of or making.
Kind Regards

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