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Delayed/Reduced Service

Delayed/Reduced Service

I wanted to inform members that I am not able to respond to tickets and email in the normal manor (usually within 24 hours) as a couple of thing are currently taking up my time.

A close friend was in a serious car accident last week and I have been trying to visit him in Hospital every day to offer my support in his recovery. He lives alone and has a number of animals so it has also fallen on myself and my XYL to look after their welfare too.

On top of that, yesterday we had a very bad storm which took out the power at my home/office. When power was finally restored I discovered that it had wiped-out my work (Hamfiles) computer after the lightening conductor on the house was hit a number of times.

I have now partially recovered the PC but it is still slowing down my ability to support the site.

I apologise for my slow responses and hope to be back to normal as soon as possible.


Edit: My XYL has now gone on holiday (nothing in the calender for me unfortunately) so in addition to the above, I have an increased workload both in our kitchen gardens and on the small holding generally. For these reasons, I regret to say that I will only be able to dedicate a couple of hours each day  to the site for the next couple of weeks.

Edit: My XYL is now back (another 7 hour round trip to the airport) so some pressure is off but I still have other commitments. Proper service will resume shortly (I promise).

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