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anytone D578UV mode 14 password


Does anyone have the password to select mode 14

Im looking to purchase an anytone D578UVIII radio, I saw that you can change the rx/tx freq range but apparently there's a password to unlock rx/tx on all bands which is mode 14.  Does anyone have the password? 
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I just got the Anytone AT-D578UVPRO Dual Band (Part 90) radio.  I used the password 5*0# and it allowed me to select mode 0014. After restarting the radio it allowed me to use all 3 bands. It has FW 1.06 installed on it and I will probably take the risk of upgrading to 1.08 and see if it will still work with the new firmware.
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Ok, so I took a chance and updated it to FW 1.08 and it still allows me to transmit on all 3 bands.  I'm not sure if it was because I had previously selected Mode 0014 before I updated the firmware or not.  I hope this helps those who are looking for this information!


I originally had FW 1.06
Used password 5*0#
Selected Mode 0014
Rebooted with TX on all 3 bands
Upgraded to FW 1.08
Did the MCU reboot
Still have TX on all 3 Bands

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new 5*0#
old 578#
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