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Audio Input To Baofeng Or Other VHF/UHF Radio?


Hello all,
Just wondering if anyone knew the best way possible to input audio from a 3.5mm jack into a VHF or UHF radio? I want to be able to transmit music from an AUX cord through the radio. I have a BaoFeng radio as well as motorola. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. I know there are 3.5mm microphone adapters would these work? If anyone could tell me an exact product for BaoFeng or Motorola I would be greatful. Thanks!
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I use spreaker mic cables to connect to the radio. I use one on my TNC.

Ebay (Two Way Radio Speaker Mic For KENWOOD TYT F8 BAOFENG UV5R 888S UV82 GT-3 | eBay)

They are cheap and the speaker mics arent that great anyway.
Just take the mic apart and the wires are labeled on the board.
2 for audio
2 for speaker. is the link i used.

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Most commercial radios where the audio accessory connection is the 2 sockets - the 3.5mm is speaker out and the smaller 2.5mm is mic in. (Older? Kenwood radios it is the reverse) You are then trying to match a medium impedance (Line out) into a low Z (mic in) use a 10k pot as a volts divider to get level down from 100's mVs down to about 3 millivolts average so as not to distort.

Is it ever legal to transmit music??
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