Can't read/write Kenwood NX-700(E)


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(Ill just discovered that E vs. K depends on serial … That might be the reason - Hang on :D )
EDIT: Yes, that was it - Sorry guys! :D :D

I'm trying to program a Kenwood NX-700(E) but keeps getting errors.

Errors: Check Firmware / Market Name and Model.

I have testet every software in here for that radio, and I have tried to firmware-update it, still getting a 'read / write'-error.

But, if I try to read 'Product Information' it does work! It reads from radio. So, communication seems to be okay.

I use KPG-111D 5.21 (E+K)

Market Code: NX-700E
Freq: 136-174
Firmware 2.84.0

(If you need exact error-code-description, I have to set it up again ones again)

Testet on Win7 + 10 using USB-cable from Ebay (The Fake PL2303XHA chip).

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