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Help communicate between HYT TC-620 and Yaesu FT-65


newbie needs help from expert

Hi everyone.

I have 2 sets of Ham radio
- 2 HYT TC-620 purchased in Hong Kong in 2008, with no programming cable, and no clue how they are parametered (except they speak together)
- 2 new Yaesu FT-65 with programming cable and software

I use it only for leisure (marine VHF or hiking abroad)

I tried to make HYT speak with Yaesu, but unfortunately I could not :
  1. by scanning with the Yaesu, I found the pre-recorded HYT frequencies (450.3125 + n0,5)
  2. when I communicate between radios, the Yaesu can hear the HYT, however, the HYT cannot hear the Yaesu
I tried to change several Yaesu parameters (CTCSS, DCSS, …) at taton (can I say that ?), but could not find the right parameter.
Again, I cannot access the HYT inside parameters

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve that ?
Thank you very much

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the defined channels on the HYT 620 are:

1. Frec: 450.3250 / CTSS: 131.8
2. Frec: 450.8250 / CTSS: 136.5
3. Frec: 451.3250 / CTSS: 141.3
4. Frec: 451.8250 / CTSS: 146.2
the frequencies increase every 500Khz and the CTSS go successive.

The Channel spacing: 25KHz.

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Thank you so much Vitu
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