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Help programming Hytera TC-610


How to get into programming mode?


Hopefully someone can help me because I'm a bit desperate!

I have two Hytera TC-610s. The first one I bought already programmed from the dealer and the second one I got fresh out the box last week. The first one is a few years old and I've tried to reprogram it before to add a channel but it's never been recognised by the PC. At the time (circa 2011) I assumed I either had a faulty cable or the wrong software and gave up.

The second one I have managed to program once using the software I downloaded from this site and a cable from an aliexpress seller. I *think* I got it into programming mode by powering on while holding PTT and the two other function buttons (all three together) but I'm not sure whether I was really holding all three, or holding the buttons made any difference at all. Once I programmed it, I plugged in the old one and couldn't get that radio into programming mode and can't get the new one into programming mode either.

So, I have two radios, with a cable and software I know works, but I can't get the software to see either of the radios no matter what I do (Please check your connection error, like it's not even plugged in)

So, I'm either failing to press whatever buttons I need to get these things into programming mode, or you only get one shot at programming them, the dealer doing the first one and me the second.

I seriously hope the latter isn't the case and someone can tell me what I need to do to get the TC-610s back into programming mode. I have googled this extensively and it's either really obvious or one of the internet's most closely guarded secrets!

Any help will be very much appreciated.
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the PC programming software triggers PC Programming Mode by communication via a special communication protocol.
so you shouldn't need to push buttons.

 we need more info, what version of windows you have. if cable is usb or serial.
if usb what chip Prolific or FTDI
also are the radios exactly same model as there are tc610E and tc610PE 

location USA
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Hi 35rem,

Thanks for your reply. I got this working in the end with another PC. I imagine all those years ago I probably did have the wrong software or pl2302 driver and I'm not sure what was going on with the machine that managed it once the other day. I had already installed the software and pl2302 driver on another PC, and old Win XP laptop and got no result but I brought my work laptop home last night, which is Win10 64bit, installed the software and the PL2302 driver from 2008 that gets around the "device cannot start" thing with the counterfeit pl2302 chips and managed to read from the original radio and write out to both radios. It took me 5 minutes to do what I've probably spent 5 hours on in total trying to get it working.

Needless to say I'm pretty happy with the result and hopefully if anyone else has the same problem they find this thread.
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iIT guy here, but a bit of a noob on radios. do you have a step-by-step on programming hyt tc-610 radios? i'm running a ftdi cable, device manager looks to show drivers installed on two machines (1 Win7, one Win10), but neither one seems to see the radio. you mentioned pushing buttons in a certain combination to get into programming mode.

thanks for any input. not afraid to RTFM, so if that's available, a link would be great.

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Once you've managed to get the software to read from the radio it's pretty self-explanatory (provided you actually know what you're doing with with your radio frequencies and coding tone etc).

The hard part for me was getting the communication going between PC and radio. A lot of the cables out there are made with counterfeit chips that newer drivers will show as installed but not transfer any data. The workaround is to find a much older version of the USB to serial chipset driver that predates the DRM block. The PL2032 driver from 2008 works on those chipsets. Not sure about yours.

You don't need to press any buttons on the radio to make it work - just the jack being in is enough to tell it to be in programming mode.
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Got a hold of a newer version of the software, version 5.01.01 (narrow), successfully updated radio. 
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