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How do I setup a mobile repeater in a vehicle


I have recently taken on programming radios for my workplace in Chicago, IL. We have an old base station (Kenwood TK863G-1) that I wanted to know if it would be possible to use as a repeater similar to how law enforcement does. What I mean by this is use the vehicle installed transceiver to relay or repeat the traffic to and from a uhf handheld. This would help get better coverage to our main building on campus when we are on the other end of campus or making a run to the gas station down the road.

I guess to break down this question I want to know two things...
1. How would I go about setting up a relay/repeater in a vehicle to relay traffic from nearby handhelds on our chosen frequencies (at least one but would be nice to relay/repeat our 3 to 5 channels)?
2. Can I use our existing Kenwood TK-863G-1 to accomplish the scenario above. If not, can you suggest some cheap alternatives?

Thanks everyone :)

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