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Hytera CPS & firmware Help


Hytera CPS & firmware Help

I need some help with understanding the Hytera CPS & firmware combination…

Am I correct that the CPS software has to match the firmware in order to preform a "Reset Default Data" on a Hytera PD785 radio that has CPS read/write password protection?

I've been trying to sort out a Hytera PD785 and I need to get my information correct before I go any further with firmware upgrades as there's no going back. I understand that this is to be done at my own risk hence the reasons why I'm asking questions so that I know exactly what I'm doing beforehand.

I have Upgraded to firmware version V6.01.05.006

What CPS is compatible with firmware V6.01.05.006?

I have tried many CPS versions already but every time I get "This radio data version does not match the default file's" when clicking on the reset default data option on every CPS software version I've tried.

How does the Hytera CPS & firmware combination work?

If its the case that the CPS version numbers need to match the firmware numbers like for example "CPS version V6.01.05.006" for "FW V6.01.05.006" then I have the option of upgrading the firmware again to V7.06.06.000 and searching for a version 7 CPS to match.

Here are my firmware upgrade options…
FW V7.06.06.000
FW V8.05.07.001
FW V8.05.07.004
FW V8.05.06.005
FW V8.01.02.003
FW V8.00.06.007
FW V9.00.07.105

Here are my CPS options.
CPS V7.00.02.009 EM5
CPS V8.06.01.017 EM5
CPS V8.05.06.013 EM5
CPS V8.06.01.010 EM5
CPS V9.00.09.200 EM5

None of these match up, if its the case that its the numbers that have to match in order to do a Default Data Reset.

How does it work?


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This is a very technical question:

Based on firmware compatibility with the correct CPS in con junction to that generally speaking it's based on MODEL, TYPE / S/N / YEAR / Manufacturing DATE / ETC

Being said, being an owner of all the PD6XXX sereies and PT580H series as well. I understand where you're coming from. Question back to you in regards to getting an answer.  Firmware update ? Firmware or update is based on updating bugs and features of the radio add on etc; …
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