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Hytera programming issues


PD405 Programming issues.

Hello everyone!

Is there any HYTERA boffins that can help me with the following issue in relation to programming my PD405.

I have the latest software V2.05.13.001.EM5 and have upgraded the radio to the same firmware, however when I go to read the radio I get the following message ‘’MODEL SETTINGS DO NOT MATCH’. I have then tried to reset default file data, however I get the following message ‘’READ DEFAULT FILE ERROR’’.

Can anyone advise what to do? im guessing it could be resolved by writing a matching sample codeplug to the terminal, however the software which i purchased didn't include any default data files.

Ive emailed HYTERA 3 times but they never seem to reply.

TA & any assistance appreciated


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1. What's the Band UHF or VHF or 350mhz ?
2. When you TX on simplex if there's a Analog what freq does it say on a Freq Counter ?
3. Seems like the radio is: Example 400-470 but it's programmed with 350mhz
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