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I own 2 Icom F210 Radios. that i got from my work because they wanted to throw it away.
So i asked for it. and they gave it to me, After ordering a programming cable and the software from here i was able to read data from and program new data on the radio.
After filling in the channels in the software and sending data to the radio i run into a problem.
The Frequenties i programmed doesnt work. The Icom F210 Display is blinking the channel name and not able to send or receive when i transmit with other radio.
I hope someone can help me out with advise or help.

Device: Icom F-210 PMR
Windows 7 pro
Software CS-100 Version 1.6
Data cable FTDI USB Programming Cable Icom IC-F6011 IC-F6021 IC-F6022 + CS Cloning OPC-1122

The Channels i want to program:

PMR446 channels
Channel 1: 446.00625 MHz
Channel 2: 446.01875 MHz
Channel 3: 446.03125 MHz
Channel 4: 446.04375 MHz
Channel 5: 446.05625 MHz
Channel 6: 446.06875 MHz
Channel 7: 446.08125 MHz
Channel 8: 446.09375 MHz

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