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Icom IC-F3032S reset prior to programming


Attempting to program via CS-F3020/F5010/F5020 result in: "Enter Password for cloning" Can this be reset?

HI all

I was lucky to inherit two Icom IC-F3032S handheld transceivers. I need to reprogram them and am having problems accessing them via software. I get the message: " Enter Password for Cloning" Neither I, nor the kind person who gave these units to me have any password.

So I am wondering and hoping that there is a factory reset option that I can employ, using the keys, that will then allow me to program. I have read online about various combinations of key presses combined with turning the unit on, but have not found anything that works yet.

I am using Windows 10, 64 Bit
Software is: CS-F3020/F5010/F5020 Revision 3.4 (downloaded from Hamfiles)
I am using a generic Prolific USB to serial cable, driver version

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you


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