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icom ic-F5023H programming - need help


Hi there;

I am trying to program an IC-F5023H icom radio.

This is the first time I have ever attempted to program a radio.

My computer is Windows 10 64-bit
The programming software I downloaded (& installed and run in Windows 7 compatibility mode) is called CS-F3020/F5010/F5020
The programming cable I am using is a JiYKR 8-way programming cable, amazon reviews did show someone successfully used it with my model of radio.
The cable has its most up to date driver.

When I click Clone Read, and have the COM Port set correctly (USB plugged into COM4, COM4 selected in the program), I get an error message.
"No response from transceiver - check com port settings, check transceiver is on, Check cloning cable connections"

The radio is turned on, My com settings are good. I admit the cloning cable may not be good, I am going on the review of one random person on Amazon to think it will work.. Has anyone else tried using the cable I am using? Do I need the proper icom cable, maybe? Maybe my computer is simply too new?

I am open to any ideas or suggestions of what it could be or what I might do differently.

Thank you. (571133-CB-28-EF-4-EF0-B9-C7-C21-ABFE39-A56 --- ImgBB) – I couldn't figure out how to upload a picture, but this is the cable I am using and the radio I'm trying to program
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