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Can read but can't write

If this is a duplicate request I apologize. I was unable to locate my original post

I'm trying to update the frequencies in our fire radios and I need help with an ICOM IC-F50V programming issue.  I can read but can't write to the radio. I've research all information on the web concerning this issue but am not able to find a solution

I confirmed the radio firmware version to be 3.6.2. MM

The software is the CS-F50V version 3.1

The cable is OPC-i966 3 pin

When I make changes to the data in the fields and then try to write, it appears as if it's uploading the changes but they won't save to the radio.  I have used several ways to upload including saving the data in a file first then trying to upload directly from the saved file,

I considered a firmware and or software update but it seems this software is up to date.

Wrong procedures?

Wrong cable?

Wrong software for this radio?

Thanks in advance for any assistance someone can provide

Teton County EMS/Fire

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