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Issues with TKR - 850 Repeater


Please I need help with some issues on TKR - 850 Kenwood Repeater

Dear Team,

I mistakenly programmed a TKR - 850 Kenwood Repeater (New) with the wrong model type.
I then discovered that the repeater wasn't receiving optimally but it could transmit well.

Meanwhile another repeater (TKR - 850) was plugged into the same antennas and it transmitted and received well.
My questions are as follows;

1. Will Programming a repeater with the wrong model type reduce its performance?
2. What happens when a wrong model type is used to program TKR 850?
3. What else could make this repeater not to perform well if the programming is not correct?

Please help me.

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If you are entering a frequency outside the band of the model, I imagine it would perform poorly... and more poorly the further you go from its band design.
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ok here it is this can shed some light on the problem you have i could explain more but .i cut it short pleased read: (Kenwood TKR-850 repeater repair)


R.G TWO-WAY RADIO Electronic & consultant
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did you tune the front end of the repeater it is not one you can simply plug a freq in to and make it work it needs to be tuned to the freq it may be tuned to another freq

boldly going no where
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