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Looking for help for a HT-1250


I was able to get my hands on a MOTOROLA HT1250 / PRO-7150 MURS-HAM-XTS VHF 136-174MHz RADIO

So i was able to get my hands on this, MOTOROLA HT1250 / PRO-7150 VHF 136-174MHz RADIO 128CH 5W REFURBURB MURS-HAM-XTS from EBay. I then got the program for here but after running it, i keep getting.

( Error 4-1379

Invalid Regional Code for this CPS version.

Use a CPS version which supports the region of the
source radio. )

I the was told by the the person i bought the radio from to

to modify the registry of the software to be able to read the LA version.

dose any 1 know what i should do ?

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I'm not sure about the modification of registry on the software itself. I'm assuming that your radio is the LATIN version and not the Asian version, however seems like a wrong RSS version for that specific regional Radio. If that were my radio. I'd take it to a Motorola Dealer and have it programmed to see what the correct RSS Software to use for that type of Region Radio. My suggestion .
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I spoke to the person i bought the radio from, i told him about the problem that i was having. His reply was,

( “ Try this. It works very well.


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CPS 6.0 Regions Finally Hacked

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CPS 6.0 Regions Finally Hacked

PostWed Jan 28, 2004 8:31 am

This hack will allow any version 6.0 or above Pro Series CPS program all available regions, not just the region installed. I tried this with R06.05AA on a fresh machine and was able to confirm AA, LA and AZ.

Obviously, one should only try this if you are comfortable with editing your registry... Please make sure to make a backup of the key before you make any changes.

Set the value of the following key to "@%&MAHUS" (without the quotes) and restart your CPS.


If you select Help -> About from the menu and check the Details tab you will now verify that you have access to the following regions: LA FD MD AA AZ. I am not sure what MD and FD are.

“ )

I've looked through the files but still can't find the files posted anywhere.

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