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MCS2000 trunking back to analog


Prog Help


I picked a motolora mcs 2000 vhf for ham use and its prog for all the two meter rpt  freqs and rec's fine but the tx pulses when keyed, i think it was used in trunking Now i have prog these before but never had this prob.
I'm using cps ver 2.02.0 and a motorola rib and windows xp mach. So how do i get it out of trunking
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did you check the power-supply? may be, you got a 50W radio and transmitting with high level is too much.
what ever, first have a try at low rf-power and check voltage at keying.
i forgot:  mcs2000 is no trunking, exept is has been flashed to in past and back….
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thank you   Pete68

yes it is a high power and my shop PS is 20 amp and runs all my radios and camera sys outside.
When i keyed the transmitter the crow bar current protection was just starting to limit, and voltage was starting to fall off
Never thought off that happening

thank you
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>  Never thought off that happening
some say…
there were seen horses vomiting in front of a pharmacy  ;)

^_^  :thumbs:
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The 110watt  VHF MCS2000 draws approx 29amps at transmit
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