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Mot Minitor VI Programming advice


Wont read or "see" pager in cradle

Greetings Experts:  I have a new install of Mot Minitor VI software on a Win7 machine. With pager "on" and in cup connected to USB port, get comm "Error #1" and wont read.  With the install, it downloaded and installed "1-Wire".  Running 1-W separately, I get errors also get errors, "Com1 doesn't exist" and auto detect doesn't find anything.  This laptop has programmed many radios, so I feel confident that the usb port works fine.

Also interestingly, in M-VI program, the F9 System setup is grayed out, so I can see or choose any different com ports.

Many thanks for guidance, sorry if I'm being dense.

73's  Nick 
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