Moto XPR 3500e Downgrade 2.10 -> 2.09


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Hi all,

I purchased an XPR 3500e that unfortunately has the latest firmware installed, forcing CPS 2.0. I'd really like to downgrade to the previous firmware so I can patch 25khz channels and stop pulling my hair out when the CPS hangs.

I know that this is possible and I believe I have all the tools:

Depot 14 installed
FlashZap PCR installed
Tuner settings backed up

All that I'm missing is the firmware itself, I believe, and a guide on how to pull this off without bricking the radio would be nice :)

I'm happy to share the above tools if anyone can help me find a guide. When I search in Depot I get an error and no results.

Radio info:

(Click to enlarge)

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