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Motorola CP200


Bad Freq Synth

About 50 years ago I turned a hobby (ham radio) into a living :lol: and worked repairing all kinds of electronics equipment, including 2-way portable radios.  Now I'm retired :dry:and can revive an old hobby again.  Now I don't have to be pressured into fixing stuff fast and can take my time again.  :PThe old Motorola CP200 that I've been working on programs fine.  I downloaded the software from this site and bought a programming cable.  The frequency synthesizer doesn't lock and the steering voltage is way off.  Either the VCO is bad or the frequency synthesizer chip doesn't work anymore.  I was able to remove the chips from the board without doing any damage so my soldering skills are still in good order even considering my advanced age.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a place to buy the necessary parts.  Anyone have any ideas?  I have able to purchase volume controls, channel switches, and other routine repair parts.  Maybe I have to be a Motorola dealer.  Never did that, but I was a GE two-way radio dealer many, many years ago.   
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