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Motorola GM300 Programming


Motorola GM300 Programming

Hi there I've dug out my old Motorola GM300 its programmed with 8 channels with the 8 70cms simplex frequencies which I did some years back on an old computer running MS-DOS 6.22

If I can remember rightly a file in the GM300 programming software can be modified so that the radio can then be programmed with 40 channels instead of just 8 channels, however I could not find out how to do it as I'm no good when it comes to things like using Hex Editor so I gave up and packed the radio away.

I've now got it back out to have another bash at it and in my google searches there is some software called Radius GM300 Radio Doctor which runs under Windows, I haven't found the software tho just references to its existence and I was wondering if this software had the expanded channel options?

It be nice to have 40 channels on this radio because then I can have all my local 70cms repeater channels on it as well as the 8 simplex channels.

Any help would be appreciated.

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