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motorola xpr6550 scan mode


getting scan to work on my xpr6500

Hey guys, first post here. sorry if this is answered elsewhere and if so a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I use a motorola xpr6550 radio at work. We utilize 4 channels, 2 on a repeater and 2 talkaround channels. I have been trying to get scan to turn on this radio but when i go into the menu and try to push the OK button on scan nothing appears. The two side buttons under the PTT button do nothing aside from turn the display light on. Is there a way to edit the radio settings on the unit itself or am I going to need to get a cable and the software to edit settings on it. I'm really hoping to find a way to do it on the unit as I really dont want to spend 80 bucks (cheapest i found a cable online so far) Any help is greatly appreciated.

Firmware :R01.09.00
CP ver: 11.00.10
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You are Going to need cable and software, then create Scan list, then add the channels you want to scan, too that list, then assign a button on radio to turn scan on and off

 its not that hard once you start playing with the software, one word of advice save the codeplug twice, tweek one so if a mistake is made you can compare with the Original

 Cheers and good luck,
ps cheap Programming cables for XPR / DP  on ebay under $20
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