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Multiple Issues with DP4400e Radios and MOTOTRBO CPS


Issues programming & accessing Codeplug for DP4400e

Hi guys,

For the past two weeks I have been searching the internet like a librarian trying to find decent documentation and resources to put me in the correct direction and a proper version of Customer Programming Software. Most of the CPS versions that I have tried using are the NA version and I am unable to successfully bypass the restriction to region lock. I have finally found a CPS version that is EMEA which supports my radios and I believe I have even managed to fish out my password as it was the only word that came up in Wireshark ("E.n.g.l.i.s.h..") although the obvious reasons cause me to believe this might not actually be the password. The issues is that my version of CPS (v13) doesn't support my Codeplug version which means even if I wanted to I couldn't reset the unit.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in getting the answers I need and if possible a link to the CPS v16 EMEA which I believe that I require to get anywhere here.

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