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Need Help on Kenwood Firmware upgrade. Downloaded TKTK-X180+Firmware+Package


Where do I go from here?

  I downloaded the Kenwood tk-X180+firmware+package file from All Files. Want to add MDC to some mobiles. The KPG 89D same as I have. Trying to load the firmware file (apparently a HEX file)I get stuck,computers (used 2 different ones) don't know what to do. Help, /Guidance would be appreciated. Steve   
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You have to use the FPro software to flash the firmware file to your radio. See instructions below:

TK-x180 Firmware updating instructions
Use your regular KPG-36 programming cable
1)   Make sure to back up your data files before you begin.
2)   Make sure firmware programming is enabled in the KPG-89D software (KPG-92D for European models). Open your data file and go to Edit> Optional Features> Common Page 2 and make sure the 'firmware programming' box is checked. If it wasn't then check it and rewrite the data file back to the radio.
3)   Open FPro program.
4)   Browse for the firmware file in FPro. (Where ever you have the file saved.)
5)   Verify com port settings in FPro and connect radio.
6)   Put radio in firmware programming mode by holding down the 'S' key while powering on the radio. (The screen should show "PROG 115200" or whatever the last baud rate that was used.)
7)   Select the baud rate on the radio by pressing the bottom side button. (I use 115200 with no problems, but you may use whatever you like.)
8)   Match the baud rate in the FPro to the radio.
9)   Write to the radio.
10)   Make sure the radio displays the correct checksum after programming is complete.
11)   Turn radio off and back on to reset and complete programming.
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