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Need help with programming software


Need to geBPR40 programming software

I work for private security at a 55+ resort. We use Motorola Mag One BPR40 radios. The radios are having issues and I just recently found out, that the second in command has been slaving the new radios and they are having issues, with distortion and sometimes the mics don't work. I have a copy of the software, but it is not working. Does anyone know where I can get an updated version of the software?  I have bought 3 bpr40 radios and would like to program them, so I can use my own radio at work. When I goto read a radio with the cable plugged in, it says communication error, check programming mode?
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you

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Did you get any help on the software programming yet. I as well would like to program my own. Cloning has been messing them all up.
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