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i can program it, but thr radio just show arrows

Hi guys, im programing a Kenwood TK-8180K and i can read and write the radio, but i dont get exactely how the things works.
I want that the radio works in analogic and "run" channels or frequencies (if it is possible) like a ham radio, to talk with some Baofengs that i have.
But wen i turn it on, the display just show
 a message that i program and after that, some arrows runing in display.
The PTT and channel buttons dont make any effect, the "A" button shows ID number,
CNM with a key simbol (that i cant do nothing)
CH ****-*** dBm (that i cant do nothing)
SYS [****]  (that i cant do nothing)
CEC *** ***/***  (that i cant do nothing)
cd CH Disp  (that i can turn on/off)
and volume control (that i can up/down)
and goes to the runing arrows again

Wen i turn it on with the triangle button pressed, it shows me: MPT 2.15.01
I'm programing with KPG-96D
my O.S. is Windows 10
Hope someone can help me.


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Well, nevermind! I figure it my self.
What i learn: TK-8180K in MPT mode is read by KPG-96D not by KPG-89 and not Chirp either.
MPT mode is established by the Firmware, not by software configurations
Once the firmware are updated, you need to use the original KPG-89D again.
You can show zone names on display, but not channel names and that sucks.

and that is all.


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