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Quansheng TG-92A programming software


SW for 66-88MHz radios


I have 66-88MHz band Quansheng TG-92A radio, and needed to add a repeater channel. I failed looking for a SW that could do this, so I tried downloading one from Quansheng web site ( This needs a password which I got (88888888) but then the Quansheng representative e-mailed me the  66-88MHz band Quansheng TG-92A programming software in rar package. My thinking is that the programming SW in Quansheng web site is for higher-frequency variants of TG-92. Can I upload the TG-92A 66-88MHz band programming SW somehow to HamFiles, so that other could get it, too (without asking the manufacturer directly). Note: I have not tried this SW in any other radio than my own, so I don't know if this supports higher-frequency variants also. The SW worked OK in Windows 10 64-bit. I cannot attach the rar file (184KB) to this message.

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No Attachement allowed you can do this : Upload It 1st.
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I tried to upload the file (followed these instructions: How to Upload - HamFiles ) and had to try to use "Multi-purpose (multi-radio) programming Software" since Quansheng did not have it's own category, but "Add a new download" button (in ) does nothing.

I tried twise, carefully checking that I had filled in relevant Fields, but same results.

Anyway, the RAR file is here: (

And a screen shot is here: (

Hope that this helps others to program their 66-88MHz Quansheng TG-92A handheld radios.

I got this RSR file directly from the manufacturer, so I believe it is 100% legit, and I have used it successfully with my Quansheng TG-92A in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (have not tested other Windows versions).

Note: result is 1/56, the one finding is from
VBA32 (BScope.Backdoor.Zegost), but this could be a false positive since all others declare is clean.

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