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Read this before buying Hytera


Read this before buying Hytera

So I just wanted to write up a guide, offering advice for those who are thinking about buying a Hytera radio.

Well I found out the hard way, I knew nothing about Hytera radios and I had my heart set on a Hytera PD785 for a while as they are said to be good radios and I've heard a lot of good stuff about them but buying one new for 500 pounds was just a bit too much for me so I went for a second hand one that I got for under 80 pounds I thought I had got myself a bargain and also came with the charging unit.

Well I thought wrong… after buying a programming cable for the radio to program the radio, I was so excited to see what this radio could do only to find out I needed a firmware upgrade as I can't read/write to the radio or reset default data, so I thought ok I'll go find some firmware only to find that the firmware I need no longer exists literally. I had also tried many CPS versions with out any luck.

I have version 3 firmware on my PD785 and upgrading firmware is a step by step process so I needed versions 4 to goto 5 in order to go to 7 and upwards. After many weeks of searching google, going around and around in circles visiting the same sites over and over being directed to 404 error pages and bad links and so on I was making no progress I also checked out many forums to read about the topic but yet nobody ever posted what the solution was, after some more time searching for firmware and going around in the same circles again I decided to give up and look at other ways how I could get my PD785 sorted out. I refuse to believe that the radio is useless, fit for the bin.

My next step was to contact some other radio Hams in a desperate attempt to obtain the firmware I needed or at least some of it but nobody had it.

Hytera are no help neither, they will not offer any help to end users.

So the lesson I learned is that when buying a Hytera radio "more specifically" a Hytera PD785 always check the firmware before you buy otherwise you could very well end up with nothing more than a paper weight.

Generally anything of versions 5 and above you'd be fine anything below 5 don't buy no matter how cheap it is.

Next thing to check is make sure the radio has no CPS passwords, if in doubt don't buy. CPS passwords can be sorted with a simple click of the Reset Default Data option but might not always be that simple for all radios.

You can always return a problematic radio back to the seller if you paid via paypal etc..

The only firmware that is currently available are versions 7,8,9 and when downloading those always make back ups and store them away, it only be a matter of time before those firmware versions become unavailable like the rest.

It always pays to keep old software and firmware, you never know when your going to need it and can mean the difference between life or death of a radio you may get in the future. This old Hytera firmware is like gold dust.

Anybody who has old Hytera firmware 5 and below I need it.

So the search for this firmware continues, I may never get it and until then if the time ever comes, my PD785 remains useless.

I did have a break through earlier and read something about some software called Flash Burn Utility so I began searching google for a download with no joy other than a download link that asks me to enter my email then tells me that the software is no longer available O_oafter more and more googling and searching going around in circles still nothing.

Clearly the odds are against me getting anywhere with this radio.

I guess the good thing is I know of an existence of a software called Flash Burn Utility that offers some kinda hope for me.

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