Software or Hard Reset Kenwood NX-210


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I have bought several Kenwood nexedge radios for work and this is the first one I had issues with..   it is Kenwood NX-210 RR and has password.  Already had KPG-111D programming software.   Of course both radios are locked..
 contacted the original owner of radio's embedded on it and not been able to get a call back..  i read on previous forums that say you can try and write a blank new file and did not work.  Does Kenwood have a factory password, or a hard reset for the radio or have any suggestions I should try.   I have searched more radio's and have noticed several Kenwood NX-210 radio's originally from BNSF are locked.   Any help will be appreciated.  Right now I have them programmed for only VHF but would like to add the NXDN channels if the east coast ever adapts to it.
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