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Vertex purple light?


Where can I find a manual for the vertex that actually explains all the features and how to program it?

For example mine has a problem where it causes the light to blink purple in sets of 17 blinks, and nowhere on the internet says what this means.

Would calling the company help perhaps?

I don't know what to do next.

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1. Need Model # of Vertex
2. Portoble or Mobile
3. Thanks
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Thank you for asking!!!

Here are the details (from a post I made a couple months ago that got no replies)

So I was trying to clone a vertex, and since vertex's definition of "download" is the opposite of the rest of the world, I accidentally erased the stored information in the radio with the default frequencies that come up when you open the software.

So next I got another of the same group of radios (same model, evx531) and "uploaded" the frequencies off of it, but when I try to reprogram the original radio by downloading everything, it does not work. This radio originally worked fine on these same frequencies, but now the frequencies show as programmed, but turning it on and switching to any channel results in a blinking purple light (blinks in groups of 17) and it will not TX or RX on any channel.

Hitting the TX button results in 3 quick beeps.

Googling "vertex purple light" yields nothing at all!!

Fw ver = 4.22 / 3.29
The radio is handheld.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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This is common problem with some vertex radios is one with display .calling them you wont get any support.anyway try doing this open up the software and click on the "Radio" tab towards the top right. Once you have that open click on "Radio Data Recovery" see if that works.keep me posted.

Hobby and love to  the job done
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