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XTS5000 Mod3 UHF Band 2 Help please


Unfamiliar with this

I am in Afghanistan working for a defense contracting company and have been thrust into a position where I have to learn this on the fly in the field for my company and am a complete know-nothing rookie about this.  Unfortunately, the military is of ZERO assistance in this and are not allowing us to be included in the trunking network as they are changing it and told us if I could get these to work as Point-to-point, they will allow it.

Guys, facts and help only please, this is business related and I have to get this done.  Please be detailed in your instructions. Thank you all in advance.

I have 2 Motorola XTS5000 Model 3 UHF Band 2 (450-520MHz) TDMA and a recently downloaded copy of the CPS 20.01.00 Portable software.  I am able to read the codeplug in the radios, but haven't been able to modify it.  I am stuck to one channel (450.025000), labeled as "Z1 Digital 2". All other channels are not labeled as digital ones.  Not sure if this matters yet but I figure everything will help.  The radios are flashed for FPP, not trunking, and I am only transmitting between the 2 radios.  If I change the channel to ANYTHING else, the radio's will not communicate.  The point-to-point symbol is gone on ALL other channels except for the one we can use.  I need to program a Point-to-Point channel in the 510-520MHz range.  There appears to be a custom codeplug programmed into the radio from the dealer they were purchased from, not the stock Motorola FPP codeplug.

I messed around with changing the settings in the codeplug, but it didn't work when I tried to write the changes to the radio, but I'm guessing I missed something.

Here is what I need to know.

-Do I need to turn off the Write-Protect function in order to write changes or delete the old codeplug and write the new one?
-How to edit and write changes to the current codeplug
-How to turn on the point-to-point function on the channel I need, as it is not an available menu option in the FPP options on the radio.
-How to enable or verify that hardware-based encryption is on.
-Is it possible to get a Motorola stock codeplug to write into the radio for FPP/conventional and not trunking?
-How screwed am I?

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if you have found anything out to help please let me know im stuck in the same boat with no paddles i could use some help
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