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/Wanted F6061 Firmware, =/> 3.1


I have a Icom F6061 EMDC v2.9.1; my CS-F3161/F5060 v4.1 cloning software will not read or write to the radio and I cannot find the CS-F3161/5060 EMDC 2.7.1 version needed for this model. As an alternative I am looking for firmware version 3.1 or later to update the radio. I intend to use it for amateur radio and therefore need to maintain the wideband capability of the radio. I believe that any of the following firmware would work:
EX-2986C F3161/F5060 firmware 3.1;
EX-2986C F3161/F5060 firmware 4.1;
EX-2986C F3161/F5060 firmware 4.4.
Would also use any later versions that will maintain the wideband capability.
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I think you need a EX-2986B version instead of the C version.  I have all the firmware you requested but I still am not sure it will work.
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Poptarrrrrt, I found the firmware and software listings on the internet which included the files names for versions 4.1 and 4.4 updates (listing only, no downloadable files). I assumed that version 3.1, which is installed in my VHF F5061 would be a C suffix also but my assumption could be wrong. I know that the 3.1 version in the 5061 works with my software version 4.1 and also with versions 5.0 and 5.2 although I don't own them. My goal is to get the newest firmware that will work with my CS-F3161/F5060 ver 4.1 software. If there is a real advantage in using a newer firmware I would buy the newer software but my use would be on the ham frequencies and GMRS so I don't know if it would be worth it.


I did find this page : ( that listed much of the Icom firmware and software. I believe that firmware 2.7 uses the EX-2986B firmware. The C suffixes were for 4.1 and 4.4 noted above. The page didn't list what firmware for 3.1.

What would you recommend?

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