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Call24 Callbox Program HELP


Hi All,

I recently picked up a few of these boxes, to repurpose  around the property.,  As most of these are nothing more than a transformer, battery and generally a morotola or kenwood.  Upon opening up a bunch of these boxes, I was amazed to see the intricate setup.  I am trying to see if anyone knows what type of programming connector, or any kind of software or code for this???
I have no problems linking up to the Kenwood Tk, I can tx and rx, thru the radio but it will not allow my transmission to link to the board.
Since it wont let me upload all of these pictures, i have provided a link so that you can view. (Shared album - Jerrod Belvin - Google Photos)

Any thoughts or advice

Thank you in advance 
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Yes you can upload this the what it look like-  

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Hobby and love to  the job done
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buenas tardes ando buscando algun crack q bote la clave de los esquipos tk2202l y nx240-k de kemwood me urge
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