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CPS for a Motorola XiR P6600i


Hi Guys

I'm helping a friend out who has purchased some XiRP6600i portables to use on the 70CM ham band here in Australia… I have had no luck at all programming them with either EMEA or AA software… would any have the latest version ?

Thank you for your time 
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sorry forgot to add… I *think* it is the AS version CPS…
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First to begin with .is the cable correct and what version of the software did  you  use .then we can move from there

R.G TWO-WAY RADIO Electronic & consultant
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Hi Tech

Yes it is the correct cable and I have tried both EMEA v16.0 build 823 (which I get region not supported) and NA v 15.0 build 752 (which I get error 1027 - Codeplug version not supported)
These apparently came from Singapore and after reading them with depot v 14.0 the radio details are:
Region: AS
Model: H02RDC9VA1AN
Firmware: R20.08.05.0004
Codeplug: 13.00.08

Maybe the other option is to flash them as a DP2400 ?

Thanks for your help
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