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Hytera PD795EX where to find a Firmware download



Hello all
Firstly I apologise if I have made any errors whilst making this post I'm brand new to the site.

I recently purchased two Hytera PD795EX portable radios. One of the radios had a more recent Firmware on it and the radio was easy to upgrade to the most recent firmware.
The second radio had an older firmware on it
I.e: A4.05.16.003 which I have been unable to upgrade to the current version. I believe I am required to install the next firmware in sequence.
I was going to try  V5.05.14.004 but I can't find any of the earlier firmwares!

Could anyone please point me in the correct direction? 
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not making any promised be i will asked around.:thumbs:

Hobby and love to  the job done
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Did you resolve this problem, and if so how, I have the same issue.
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