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Cloning software for IC-F3162 / CS-3160 vers. 1.3


I am an owner of a IC-F3162 with these spécifications:

Serial : ESN 2893  8304210
No de poste : 0035900
Firmware : V1.2D
SUMM 1703
1F 10012U
Date : 10.12.2012
DREV. 3.1
DSUMM 4429

I am looking for the cloning software CS-3160 vers. 1.3 (this is the only version that works for firmware  V1.X).

Can any one help me where to find or provide me this version of cloning software.

Thank you very much for your help.


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just check in my archive dont have that old version .but i will keep an eye out .:thumbs:i know you are looking that particular version.anyway take look# ICOM CS-F3160, F5060 (for dPMR version) Rev2.2 Programming Software - HamFiles

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