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ISO XTS 5000 Software


Astro XTS5000-2 Model No H18KEF9PW6A

ISO of programming software for Motorola Astro XTS 5000-2.  I have the software for the XTS 2500 which works great for this model but it will not work on the 5000 , I keep getting an error message that the code plug is not compatible with this version and I need to upgrade to a newer code plug to be able to read/write to the 5000.  I thought the 2500 software was compatible with the 5000 but apparently not this model. Or do I need to just upgrade the current software I have for the 2500 series?
Our service has received several of these XTS5000 radios that were donated to us to use for emergency services.  I do the programming for our local EMS volunteer service and am trying to up grade our radios from the CP200XLS which are now obsolete.

Any assistance would be appreciated.  I am willing to pay a fee or donate to this site for this download if needed.

Thank you in advance for your response and any information you can provide.

County EMS
Crew Chief
County Lead Instructor

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Good day the software is here if you only take some time  look.anyway  since you are pretty new .i will assist you.please read #

All the best  have great day .any more question please free to asked.:thumbs:

R.G TWO-WAY RADIO Electronic & consultant
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