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Kantronics 9612+ v9.1 Firmware


Looking for the Kantronics 9612+ Firmware

Looking for the Kantronics 9612+ Firmware,. All of the firmware versions would be nice to have in storage.  Below is the list of the firmware versions and what they added or fixed:
KPC-9612+ v7.0 Original KPC-9612+ version  
v8.1 APRS Digi  
v8.2 EMWIN, APRS Digi 9/97
v8.3 For 9612+ with 3rd port add-on only.  
v9.0 For 9612+, K-NET, Multi-user mailbox, MX modem chip support 9/03
v9.1 For 9612+, APRS DIGI fix 6/05

Update: 9/8/2020 - I opened my Kantronics and found that it already had v9.1. Posting the dump in the files section!  :thumbs:

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