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I can't seem to locate any info on these.

Hi All, I have been tasked with bringing a Mitex Pro (5watt in UK) handheld back to original factory settings. The channels basically cover all of the Mitex range (such as General, Site, Security etc.) and this one has had custom channels overwrite some of the original ones. I have even gone to the expense of buying a brand new Mitex Pro so I could 'get it right'. Ah! But I can't use the usual software that I program my Mitex General units with (Quanzhou SFE S820 as I got here on Hamfiles) as that is limited to 16 channels) and I stupidly assumed I could have.
As a user and not a 'programer' I can follow simple procedures in regard to programing but my research has hit a brick wall in that I can't seem to find the manufacturer of the Mitex Pro. What doesn't help is they sell a Mitex Pro in 5w as well as a 0.5w version and I am not sure they are the same firmware and I am definitely not buying one of the 0.5w ones to find out!
I'm fairly sure these are not a newly designed unit but a clone of a more well known radio. Any help in tracking down software would be appreciated.
Best Wishes
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