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Motorola CLP446 software wanted


Motorola CPS for CLP446

I have acquired a pair of Motorola CLP446 radios. I have the programming cable and have found ver R07.00 CPS on the net. After "Read Radio", I receive the response "The CPS does not support this model. Please update your CPS." I can't find out which version CPS I need so any help would be appreciated.
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you need
Motorola Business Radio Customer Programming Software (CPS)
Version Notes
R01.00 Support for the XT Series and XTNi Series radios.
R01.01 Support for the XT 200 Series radios.
R02.00 Support User Customized Voice Prompt.
R02.01 Support for the XT 200 Series radios(V1.1.0.1).
R03.02 Support for the CLK446 radio.
R04.00 Support for the CLP446 radio.
R05.00 Support for the new platform CLP446 radio.
R05.01 Support for the XT 600d Series radios.
R05.02 Update for the CLP446 radio
R05.03 Support for the XT 600d Series radios (R1.01.14).

ver R05.00 is here in Motorola downloads
I have R05.03 and will upload if not in back catalogue

location USA
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Hi. Many thanks for responding with the info. I didn't realise there is a points requirement for downloading files  so for now, the info will be fine. Best regards
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