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Motorola GP680 handsets


Correct Programing Software help

Hello All

I recently purchased software that is readily available here (silly Me) but I cannot get it to identify the Motorola GP680. when the software is asked to read it states "The Radio Data is invalid". I recently got the radios given to our Air Cadet Unit and all work perfectly fine but I need some additional frequencies programmed in, also with there being 20 handsets I would like to put radio identifiers if possible. I'm sure there is someone out there that can help.

on the back of the handset it reads PMUE1437D some are PMUE1437C
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What cable are you using usb or serial.i have luck with serial same radio programing  no issue .use the comtool and check to see if evrthing is ok .it sounds to me like software issue.what version os system and software did you used.check the version with the one you buy and what is here and see if t is different if is  .download the one here and try it

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