smartrunk systems inc St9116c repeater(uhf)


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advice on these

Has any one ever worked on or heard of these trunking equipment ?  cant find operators, owners ,or any tech on this gear ?
 managed to contact ranger tech service dept the reply ( NO Support )  very poor for service I would say . The smartrunk ll was used by them on most sites , the programme was know as SDRe, the microprocessor is a sam 3u4c ,it wakes up ? when its connected to the windows usb port but only stays awake for about 30 seconds then sleeps again , can get it to activate by removing the eproms battery for four days or so then connecting to a usb signal but nothing after that .It appears to do some sort of check to see whats connected to it and if it dont get the right guff it goes to sleep again , the sv password is 123456 and so is the supervisor /admin , Appears to be a standard usb to micro-usb lead  the repeater its self look to be very well made to american design , and has some interesting add-ons with telephone interfaces etc , Russian sites have programs for the mobiles  but nothing for the repeater  any help would be greatly appreciated zl1tkl

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