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Johnson Mobile LTR 9800 series

I am looking for the programming software for a E. F. Johnson 242-9890-403 mobile radio.
Found the service manual, which has a section on programming. It lists the two files included on the install floppy.
Platform.exe & platform.hlp
It also mentions "Personality, Flash, and Radio Tune" software.

In the screen shots showing the program running, the top shows "E. F. Johnson Platform Programmer Version" and then the number 202, 203 or 204, depending on the screen shot. This is a DOS program.

Although PCConfigure is mentioned in the manual, this is not the newer windows based application, which does not support the 9800 series. Also, this is not the software used to program the older 8600 series radios, called trunking.exe.

I received this radio a few years and wanted to try putting it on the 900MHZ HAM band. As I used to be a business radio tech from that era, I figured I already had the software. It seems I don't.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
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