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Unlocking Software for Wouxon KG-UV9P

Hay. I found some Wouxon unlocking software at Ham Files UK for Wouxon radios, but wondered if anyone can tell the exact software version for sure that is the matching unlocking software for the KG-UV9P (that is accessible here at Ham files UK (download search: Wouxun KG-UV9P)). I thought that you might want to know why. One I originally wanted it because of my concern of maybe a boob trap of some sort built into the radio and for Tx purpose(s). Then realized that listening might really be more productive and so on. Secondly, after working with the radio for awhile I decided to reset to factory setting(s). However no where in the manual does it say that it change(s) the radio ability to Rx and Tx. I found the boob trap. There were no insert(s) warning(s) in the box that it came in and the box states 6 band(s)+1. I reset to factory setting(s) and lost some of the upper band(s).

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