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vertex vx-231 software to allow 5 khz deviation for ham use

Technical Bulletin
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Bulletin #: 20130204-01
Issue Date: February 4th, 2013
Model Number: Wide Band programming Recovery Tool
Subject: Improvement/Recovery
Radios Impacted: All VS LMR current radios
In order to meet the FCC Narrow Band Requirement, we improved our CE programmers (USA version only) in the past, and they have been delivered to the necessary sections.
From January 1st in 2013, if the USA version is used for the radio programming in the following frequency range, the CE programmer automatically/forcedly programs the radio with 12.5 kHz width. In addition, once the USA version is used for programming (even the programmer was used before that date), the radio is marked electrically in the radio memory that the radio is sold/used for the USA (NA) market, and this marking cannot be erased.
VHF: 150-174 MHz
UHF: 421-470 MHz
In other words, when once radios are programmed with the USA version, the information that "this radio is for the USA (NA) market" is electrically written in the radio, and when re-programming the radio after 2013 January 1st, the wide channels are forcedly programmed as the narrow channels in the radio, and it is impossible to program the 25 kHz width frequency any more.
The same symptom is observed when the codeplug that is made by using the CE programmers USA version is implemented in the radios that need the wide band frequency programming.
When you have the radios that were programmed by the CE programmers USA version before, and you want to program the Wide Band Frequencies, the special software tool is required to erase the “USA/NA” marking in the radio.
The software tool is “Wide_Band_Recovery_Tool_1_00”. Located via VSOL > Resource Center > Technical Information > General Information.
When you use this tool,
(1) Unzip it and execute it on your PC.
(2) Select the COM port and then select the model name.
(3) After erasing the “NA (USA)” electrical marking on the radio, please reprogram the radio by using the CE programmer EXP version. (Do not use the USA version.)
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I'm looking for this also to use on an EVX5400.
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