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Miller for Sanibel City Council

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  • Posted Yesterday, 10:37 PM

He was also vice-chair of the city's Parks and Recreation committee and the city's emergency amateur radio volunteers. This is just a short list of all of ...

How I became an amateur radio enthusiast during lockdown

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  • Posted Yesterday, 8:00 PM

How I became an amateur radio enthusiast during lockdown. With the help of a beer keg, plumbing waste pipe, speaker cable and a handy cherry tree ...

The online far right braces for life after Trump

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  • Posted Yesterday, 1:20 PM

Some people are taking to ham radio and other alternative communications networks to ensure they can stay in touch after the promised blackout, ...

Amateur radio consultation planned for Australia

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  • Posted Yesterday, 11:33 AM

The ACMA has announced a public consultation on amateur radio licensing will be held in February and provided an update on the delays by the ...

JARL wants to increase youngsters amateur radio experience opportun…

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  • Posted Yesterday, 11:33 AM

Yoshinori Takao JG1KTC, President of the Japan Amateur Radio League, says a request has been submitted for regulation changes to facilitate the ...

Ham radio emergency comms in Eastern Iowa

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  • Posted Yesterday, 11:00 AM

Ham radio emergency comms in Eastern Iowa. A Gazette headline reads "2nd-largest per-capita group of amateur radio operators in the world call ...

Ahead of Biden inauguration, FCC warns against using personal radio…

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  • Posted Yesterday, 10:48 AM

Amateur Radio Service is available to non-commercial users who obtain a license, generally granting them the right to use higher-powered equipment ...

Joseph Anthony Bartz Jr.

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  • Posted Yesterday, 4:37 AM

Joe loved being a ham radio operator and a proud Pittston Area Marching Band father since 1999. Surviving are his wife of 37 years, Mary Lou ...

Robert Maguire

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  • Posted Yesterday, 2:29 AM

He loved working on projects: his trucks, his ham radio, hunting, fishing, the outdoors and his family. He loved his church, Glory Bound Fellowship and ...

FCC Warns Amateur Radio: Don't Air Criminal Threats

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  • Posted Yesterday, 2:11 AM

Law360 (January 19, 2021, 7:16 PM EST) -- The Federal Communications Commission has issued a stark warning to amateur radio operators not to ...

Increasingly militant 'Parler refugees' and anxious QAnon adherents…

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  • Posted Tue 10:55 PM

He told her to buy a ham radio. The radio, he explained, would be one of the few ways they could communicate once President Donald Trump ...

2nd-largest per-capita group of amateur radio operators in the worl…

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  • Posted Tue 6:23 PM

Amateur radio — the nickname “ham” radio dates back to the 19th century and the age of the telegraph — uses a broad spectrum of radio frequencies ...

The $50 Ham: A Cheap Antenna For The HF Bands

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  • Posted Tue 5:00 PM

And since it's often the antenna that makes or breaks an amateur radio ... despite my previous gripes, I think I'm falling in love with ham radio again.

Australian radio hams keep same callsign when upgrading

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  • Posted Tue 11:00 AM

... which is consistent with our ITU obligations, and allows amateurs wanting to participate in things like amateur radio hobby competitions (that require ...

The FCC Warns Ham Radio Operators

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  • Posted Tue 9:59 AM

There have been press reports that possible inauguration disrupters have moved off social media platforms and onto amateur radio services to ...

Ambus Whittaker Bradley, Jr.

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  • Posted Tue 8:11 AM

He was a ham radio operator, KB9QFD. He loved baseball and college basketball and followed his three children and grandchildren all over the ...

James "Jim" Christianson

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  • Posted Tue 7:26 AM

He belonged to several ham radio clubs and enjoyed this hobby all of his life. Jim's childhood love of trains only grew more intense after he switched ...

Q Multiplier — Er… Multiplies Q

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  • Posted Tue 5:02 AM

The active device was a dual triode. If you want a deeper discussion of the circuit, the Orange County Amateur Radio Club newletter a few years back ...

John F. Shumaker Jr.

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  • Posted Mon 11:45 PM

John enjoyed playing bridge, golfing and he was an avid ham radio operator. Please view the obituary and share your condolences and memories ...

International Emergency Communication Registry of Operators (IECRO)…

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  • Posted Mon 7:48 PM

... community organisations, such as amateur radio clubs, camping/hiking/survival groups, boating/sailing clubs and local parish interest groups.

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