How long does it take for an email from Hamfiles to be delivered?

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Question How long does it take for an email from Hamfiles to be delivered?
We have two delivery methods that take place. Some messages are sent immediately and others are triggered every 2 minutes. As the difference is so small I will treat them as the same for this conversation.
The process: When a message is sent, the Hamfiles mail server attempts to deliver it to your upstream SMTP email server straight away.
If we have never delivered a message to your SMTP server before, a number of things could happen to delay final delivery:
You mail server may 'Grey List' our mail delivery, this is a normal & legitimate function of modern mail servers. In this case, the Hamfiles mail server will try to deliver again after 2 minutes and again in 7 minutes. It will then try again at specific intervals for a further 2 days before listing the message as undeliverable.
Your mail server or mailbox may refuse the message as spam, there is no reason for this to happen as we are not listed on any RBL (we never send out bulk, unsolicited mail) but over zealous anti-spam rules can sometimes do this.
If we have delivered to you mail server before, the message should be in your Inbox within about 3 minutes. Please keep in mind that if your mail client only checks for mail every 15 minutes, it could be 18 minutes+ before you receive out mail.
If you use a Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Hotmail or an Outlook mailbox, you should receive it straight away (within seconds).
If you never receive our mail it could be a number of reasons but it's most likely that your SMTP server is banned from delivering to our mail server because it is either listed in the RBL or we are aware of spam being sent from your server. As this is done at firewall level, we are also unable to deliver to these servers to avoid our server being hijacked.
If you use a disposable email address it is most unlikely that you will receive mail from us as they are also blocked at the firewall level.
We also employ a number of additional techniques to decide if we want our server to be able to communicate with other servers. The bans are implemented at firewall lever.

Sometimes a false positive is triggered in the firewall database caused by a remote server being listed as (temporarily being) hijacked and when the problem is resolved the entry is not removed from our firewall. If you feel that you ISP/mail server is being unfairly listed/banned, please get in contact.
I hope I've covered the basics but if I can improve this FAQ, feel free to get in contact.
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