I can't remember my password/login details, what can I do?

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Question I can't remember my password/login details, what can I do?
Answer If you've forgotten your password or your login name go the the login screen and click: Enter either your login name or email address and a email will be sent to your registered email address with a link for verification.


The password reset mechanism uses a unique one time reset code. If you request a second reset, the first reset code becomes invalid. For this reason, you must wait for the code to arrive and not attempt to trigger the mechanism again otherwise the code sent to you and code within the database will not match.

Upon request, the is a 1 minute delay before the Hamfiles mail server dispatches the message as part of the anti-spam flood control. If your receiving mail server uses grey listing, it may reject delivery on the first attempt. The Hamfiles mail server will wait for 15 minutes and then attempt to deliver the message again. Further attempts will be made by the Hamfiles mail server to deliver the message for up to 2 days and then abandoned it as undeliverable.

Please also keep in mind that email is no longer instant due to the battle ISP's have with anti-spam processing. ISP's queue mail for processing when times are busy so there may be perfectly legitimate reasons why it takes time to deliver your password reset message.

In other words, if you provided a valid email address in the first instant be patient, it should arrive in the fullness of time.

One last thing that can throw a spanner in the works is if you are having Hamfiles mail forwarded to a second mailbox. The Hamfiles mail server is fully compliant with the rules of DMARC. If the receiving mail server (eg. your ISP) is also DMARC compliant it may not forward the message as it will no longer appear to be sent from the originator. In this case it is usually wise to check in the email box of the address you provided on Hamfiles which should still hold the message.