Why do I get an Anti-leaching message?

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Question Why do I get an Anti-leaching message?
Answer Hamfiles is protected by an anti-leach feature which stops people placing the 'direct download' links on other websites thereby circumventing the membership system. It also stops people from using BOTs or scripts to scrape the site.

It is perfectly legitimate (and encouraged) to place a link to any download page on any external site but not the direct download link.

There are occasions when this mechanism is triggered accidentally by a legitimate member including:
Repeatedly clicking a menu item or download link, or using the browser refresh to update the page rather than waiting for the action to complete in it's own time. This is particularly apparent when a member has a slow end-to-end Internet connection.

Why?: The first click is seen by the Hamfiles server as a legitimate request. If, then, your Internet connection delays the delivery of the page/download to you and you click it again, the server immediately sees this as a second request which is seen as a possible leeching attempt.

Using TOR (which is not permitted anyway) will also delay your connection as there may be many connections in between you and the Hamfiles server, each one delaying your connection.

Using a translate site as a go-between. Please connect directly to Hamfiles to avoid this. Hamfiles core language is English but if you feel there is sufficient demand for the site to be in another language please let me know and I will consider doing a site translation.

Once a leaching attempt has been flagged, your IP address is also flagged. As it is possible to trigger the anti-leaching mechanism by accident, the IP flag is dropped after a short period of time and normal service resumes.

This covers the most common issues but there are other times that the anti-leaching system could be triggered but I cannot divulge these here for security reasons.